Presentations: Media


"Resiliency: What causes some adolescents to grow from a trauma experience and others to dissociate? Take a look at the factors in White Oleander, Sybil, and Good Will Hunting" in process for National Trauma and Loss Center, Detroit, MI. 2012.

"The Horse Whisperer" Movie as Parent/Teacher Tool for Children of Trauma for National Trauma and Loss Center, Detroit, MI, 2003-2010.

Issues in Chronic Care of a Child with "Life Threatening Disease" (Invited by Camile LeGay, Children's Bureau Washington D.C. Produced with DESC and Washoe Medical Center, (2-year-old child with Ondine's Curse) 1985-88

"Intuitive Reframing: A Psychotherapy Technique for Adults and Children Resolving Grief and Loss". Produced and Broadcast in Vancouver, Canada, December, 1985 with Paulet Thomlinson, R.N., M.S.

"Method to Develop Spoon Feeding in a Blind Child". Produced by University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 16mm.

"Research Design and Implementation for Behavior Modification of Self destructive Behavior in a Retarded Boy". Produced at Fircrest School for Retarded Children, Seattle, WA, 8mm.

Slide-Sound Presentations

"The Drawings of Children Sustaining Violence and Sexual Abuse", Judicial College, UNR Campus, Reno, 1988

"The Nurse in Behavior Analysis in the 70's", Atlanta, GA, American Association of Behavior Therapy, October 30, 1973 (Southern Regional Conference for Nurses and Psychologists)


"Excerpts from The Horse Whisperer to Teach the principles of PTSD to Parents of Traumatized Children," 2002.

"Assessing the Divorced Child through Art and Interview", 1996.


T.V. Presentation: "Interviewing an Abducted Child," Channel 2, February, 2003.

T.V. Presentation, "Enhancing Divorce Adjustment of Children during the Holidays", December 17, 1996, Channel 4, Lise Mousel.

KOLO/KTVN-TV, February 1991, "Kid Power - Self Defense, a Program to Prevent Assault and Kidnapping of Children".

KTVN-TV, May, 1990, "Determining Custody for Children - Child's Perception of Parents and Parental Fitness".

KTVN-TV, February, 1990, "Chia Kidnapping".

KTVN-TV, September, 1990, "DeSilva Kidnapping".

KTVN-TV, November, 1988, "Children of Courage: Children and Their Families Cope with Cancer".

KTVN-TV, December, 1988, "Holiday Depression".

KTVN-TV, December, 1988, "Telling without Telling - The Art of Children from Violent and Abusive Homes".

TMCC-TV Presentation, January 30, 1987, "Enough is Enough: Prioritizing Professional Activity".

KTVN-TV, May, 1986, "Treatment of Handicapped Children at Home and School" with Thomas Scully, M.D. and Jack Sutton, M.D.

KOLO-TV, November, 1980, "Medical and Behavioral Intervention for Hyperactivity" with Allen Walker, M.D.

Nevada Weekly, April, 1979, "Treating the Child with Blindness and Developmental Delay"

KOLO-TV, October, 1976, "Discipline for Pre-School Children".

Radio Broadcasts

FOX, 2012, "Working with Families of Deployed Military during Reintegration"

KUNR, 1990, "Abused Children and Child's Ability as Witness" (2 hour show)

KUNR, 1988, "Parenting the Strong-Willed Child"

KUNR, 1988, "Identifying and Modifying Emotional Child Abuse"

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