Presentations: Selected Topics

Interpretation of Children's Art: International

"Children in Distress", Seventh Cross Channel Conference in Forensic Medicine, South Hampton, England, May, 1998

"Telling without Telling: A Clinician's Guide to Screening Children's Art Productions, Fifth Cross Channel Conference, Forensic Medicine, Paris, France, March, 1995

"The Art of Children in War and Warlike Environments", Stockholm, Sweden, 1992

Interpretation of Children's Art: National

"PTSD: Analyzing the Factors in the Art of Traumatized Children" Weber Human Resources, Ogden, Utah for National Trauma and Loss Center, April 20, 2006

"The Use of Art and Cinema Education to Identify Children with Severe Stress and Treat their Parents", SCAR/Jasper Mountain, Eugene, Oregon, August 2003.

"The Identification and Treatment of Severe Post Traumatic Stress," National Trauma and Loss Center, San Diego, March, 2003 and Washington DC, May 2003.

"The Use of Art and Video to Elucidate PTSD: Diagnosis and Intervention," National Trauma and Loss Center, Chicago and Cincinnati (Summer, 2002)

"Using the Creative Process in the Healing Arts", National Play Therapy Association, September, 1999, Des Moines, IA

"Recent Advanced Art Interpretation", National Trauma and Loss Center, Detroit, MI., two to four times per year, 1997-2000. On Faculty and Board of Directors.

"The Use of Child Art in Detection and Intervention for Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse", Nevada Association of Marriage and Family Therapist, Las Vegas, NV, 1994, 1998 and 2000

"Screening Children's Art Productions for Evidence of Trauma", Nevada Head Start Teachers, August, 1993

"Child and Adult Drawings of the Post Traumatic Experience", Nevada Psychiatric Association, February, 1993

"The Analysis of Children's Art", Orvis School of Nursing, November 23, 1987

Behavior Analysis: International

"Behavior Analysis", workshop for (200) physicians, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, October, 1975

Behavior Analysis: National

"The Horse Whisperer as a tool to teach Behavior Analysis for Traumatized Children, National Trauma and Loss Center Workshops 2001-2006.

"Behavior Analysis for Children with Disability", Rehabilitation Hospital, Reno, NV, March, 1996

"Fibromyalgia and PTSD - Are We Treating the Right Disorder?", Bristol-Myers-Squibb, (Bryan Ricks) 2000

"Pharmacological and EEG Diagnosis and Intervention for Children with Attention Deficit and ADHD", AHEC, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Las Vegas, NV, 1994

"The Use of the Brazelton Infant Exam in Determining Infant Personality and Behavior as Preventative for High Risk Infants and Families", Washoe Medical Center Intensive Care Nurses, December, 1981

"Behavior Analysis", Rounds at Washoe Medical Center, September 11, 1986

Behavior Modification and Management

"Modifying PTSD in Children, A Family Approach", Nevada Marriage and Family Association, May, 2000

"Behavior Management of Hospitalized Children: The Use of Imagery and Hypnosis in Pain Control", residents and staff, Family Medicine, June 17, 1987

Participation in Special Olympics, Lake Tahoe, January 29, 1986

"Child Behavior Management", Montessori School Faculty, November, 1983

Nutrition and Feeding

"Issues in Nutrition and Psychology" Nevada Family Medicine Conference at Stateline, Lake Tahoe, February, 2003. (2 hr workshop for spouses)

"Family Issues in Anorexia and Bulimia", residency, Family Medicine Center, twice a year, 2000-2003.

"The Child Who Won't Eat", Nevada Dietetic Association, Reno, NV 1994

"Management of Feeding Problems in Young Children", (statewide WICHE program), Peppermill, Reno, NV, April 17, 1987

"Feeding Techniques for Children with Failure to Thrive", Truckee Meadows Community College, September 26, 1984

"Nutrition in Action" and "Imagery and Healing with Cancer Patients", Workshop for Physicians, March 15, 1986

"Weight Control through Behavior Management", Dietetic Association, February, 1983

"Effects of Diet on Learning and Memory", Nevada Reading Association, March 1982

Child Sexual Abuse

"Children in Distress: Advanced Art Screening", National Trauma and Loss Center, Detroit, MI, Texas, Florida, Chicago, Cincinnati. 1997-2006

"Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Ski Resort Environments", Albany, NY, 1993

"Understanding Perpetrators in Order to Teach New Methods of Child Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse", Junior League of Reno, 1985

"The Aftermath of Child Abuse: Picking Up the Pieces", Montessori School, May 4, 1984

Child Custody and Divorce

"Assessing Child and Adult Factors", National Judicial College, two courses for judges yearly, 1984-2000

"Clinical Indices for the Determination and Resolution of Child Custody Disputes", Psychology Graduate Students, UNR, December 9, 1987

"The Effects of Divorce on Children", Reno Junior League, December 6, 1988

Death and Dying

"The Evidence for Life after Life". Invited Speaker, National Elder College, Reno, NV, March 24, 2000

"Dealing with the Pre and Post Bereavement of Child Death", The Good Death Conference, Nevada Ethics Committee, Reno, NV, October 30, 2000

Dealing with Stress and Burnout

"Life Stress Illness", St. Joseph's Parkside Hospital, Stockton, CA (with Richard H. Rahe, M.D.), June, 1990

Hospital Health Plan, HMO Workshop, Reno, NV (with Dr. Rahe), November, 1989

Consultant to Palo Alto V.A. Hospital Division on PTSD of Vietnam Veterans, December 11, 1987

"Burn Out", Western Community College, August 16, 1984

"Stress Management Workshop", Faculty, Sierra Nevada College, February, 1983

"Burn Out", "Assertiveness Training" and "Time Management", Western Community College Faculty, Lake Tahoe, January, 1982


Four Presentations, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center Outreach Program to Parents including "Sibling Rivalry", "Behavior Modification", and "Infant Stimulation Procedures", 1999-2000

"Managing Chronic Bowel Disorders: A Family Dilemma" with Dr. Quan. Association for Chronic Bowel Disease, Reno, NV, 1996

"Child Management in the Absence of Father", Medical Student Spouses, June 1, 1987

"Avoiding Smothering Mothering", Nevada Lung Association, April 30, 1987

"Raising Responsible Children", Morning Radio Show, KUNR, April 21, 1987

YWCA Parent Training Seminar on Child Management, November 11, 1987

"How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk", UNR Speakers Bureau, Truckee, CA, March 25, 1987

"Relinquishing Parental Control of Children with Chronic Illness", Washoe Medical Center, October 14, 1984

"Positive Parenting", Nevada Association for the Education of Young Children, March, 1983

Mental Retardation / Disability

"Managing Behavior Disorders in Children in Rehabilitation", Reno Rehabilitation Center, 1998-1999

"Managing the Mentally Retarded in a Camp Setting", Episcopal Church Camp, Lake Tahoe, July 25, 1987

Plastic Surgery

Keynote Speaker, Nevada Medical Association: "The Psychological and Societal Factors that Promote the Utilization of non-Essential Surgeries: Face, Breast and Bariatric". May 2002, San Diego, California.

Professional Growth and Development

"What Matters Most - Setting Priorities", Franklin Covey Seminars, Reno, NV, 1999

"Stress Modification for School Teachers", Winnemucca, NV, August, 1996

"Enough is Enough. Prioritizing Professional Activity", Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, NV, February 16, 1987

"Workshop on Self-esteem for Women", Lake Tahoe, November 1, 1986

"On Camera Workshop", Co-lectured with Donna Hartley, Continuing Education, April 25, 1986

"Professional and Personal Growth through Journal Process", Truckee Meadows Community College, February 7-8, 1986

"How to Be Your Own Therapist Sometimes - The Use of Journal Writing to Clarify Life Goals and Patterns", Truckee Meadows Community College, February 13, 1985

"Methods of Coping with Career and Family Life for Professional Women", Women's Group, May 4 and June 29, 1985

"Women in Private Practice", Women's Psychology Group, February, 1983

"The Mysteries of Life and Personal Responsibility", University Women's Group, October, 1981

"Health and Operant Model", Midwestern Association of Behavior Therapy, Chicago, IL, May, 1977

"Utilization of the Nurse Practitioner", Rural Health Are Health Advisory Committee, Nevada City, CA, June, 1975

Reactive Hypoglycemia and Episodic Dyscontrol

"Multiple Factors in the Diagnosis and Management of Episodic Dyscontrol", Los Angeles County Commissioners, June 29, 1987

"Episodic Dyscontrol", Truckee Meadows Hospital, January 16, 1987

"Reactive Hypoglycemia", with William Hudspeth, Ph.D., Nevada League of Nurses, March, 1978

"Reactive Hypoglycemia", with William Hudspeth, Ph.D., Mental Health Grand Rounds, Veteran's Administration Medical Center, March, 1978

"Brain Neurophysiology in Persons with Reactive Hypoglycemia", WICHE Research, Portland, OR, 1978

"The Mimic - Hypoglycemic Episodes which Simulate Manic Depressive States", Truckee Meadows Hospital, December 1981

Regression Therapy

"Medical Applications of Regression Therapy," International Association for Regression Research and Therapy, April, 2002, Bastyr, University, Seattle, Washington.

Writing and Journaling

"Write Out Loud: A Guide for Families who Live and Work in War and War-like Situations" for the National Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children, Summer Assembly, 2010/2012.

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